Monthly Archive: March 2019

Matchmaking – $3,025

I overheard someone in the cafeteria at work the other day saying they do not contribute to their retirement account. I could hardly believe my ears. This person seems to be experienced enough to know this inaction would cost them some serious money. Could it really be these concepts I consider in the realm of ‘common sense’ are not followed by the entire workforce? It is common for employers to match a certain percentage of...

22 Cents on the Dollar

So how much cash is all this retirement contribution saving you, Max OOP? Well, retirement contributions technically don’t save any tax – it is deferring tax until a later date.  The goal is to use the deferred tax dollars to make money. You would then realize this as income at a point in the future when you’re in a lower tax bracket. Or, even better, take it during a year you are on sabbatical and...

How I Slashed My Retirement Expense Fees By Over 40%

I got a complicated-looking letter from my retirement account administrator about a month ago. It was too long to understand and the only take away I got was my employer was no longer going to offer the Vanguard Index Fund (VINIX) I had selected as the landing place for my hard-earned cash. I immediately got irritated. After all, I have been front-loading thousands of dollars of every paycheck into this fund over the last few months.