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How I Slashed My Retirement Expense Fees By Over 40%

I got a complicated-looking letter from my retirement account administrator about a month ago. It was too long to understand and the only take away I got was my employer was no longer going to offer the Vanguard Index Fund (VINIX) I had selected as the landing place for my hard-earned cash. I immediately got irritated. After all, I have been front-loading thousands of dollars of every paycheck into this fund over the last few months.

Front-Loading and a $12 Pay Check

Since Max OOP doesn’t need much cash from my paycheck these days, I figured I would continue my front-loading strategy for 2019. My 403(b) retirement bucket can hold $19,000 in 2019. Front loading is basically paying myself before the federal government by deferring taxes now instead of slowly all year. It gives me more time in the market. The Mad Fientist can explain it much better than I can here. Trust me, if I can do...


Welcome to Max Out of Pocket! After spending over a decade working in the American healthcare system, I woke up burned out (morally injured) and wondering how I can help a stretched and broken system. I am not a clinician. I don’t even do the hard work. I work in the background. The amazing clinicians we have in this country that are taking care of our loved ones do the real work. But the broken...