Welcome to Max Out of Pocket!

I’m Max.

After spending over a decade working in the American healthcare system, I woke up burned out (morally injured) and wondering how I can help a stretched and broken system.

Someone get Max OOP to the emergency room.

I am not a clinician. I don’t even do the hard work. I work in the background. The amazing clinicians we have in this country that are taking care of our loved ones do the real work. But the broken healthcare finance system and the financial waste I have witnessed has taken its toll on me. I have that sense of cynicism Dr. Z describes.

Years of salary growth and helping hospital systems across the country deal with a super complex financial system put me in a financial position to potentially step away from the grind at a young age.

But I can’t do it.

The corporate world can be rewarding, toxic, and addictive.  

On the cusp of financial independence and the feeling like I need to do more, I thought I would use this blog as a way to add my experience to the personal finance and early retirement space. I work in a broken healthcare system that I don’t know how to fix – but I do know how to navigate it.

I will eventually want (need) a break from the corporate cubical world. I need to travel more and focus on other things. I also have over 18 years of living expenses put away and am well-positioned for a break. But I can’t seem to pull the trigger. Thankfully, waking up in this position has made the corporate healthcare grind that much more bearable – and suddenly, I am content. Now I want to have some fun with it while I can. 

My future plans are by and large unknown at this time – and hopefully this blog will help with clarity and provide others some ammunition to deal with the American healthcare system. I also reserve the right to talk about travel and early retirement since that seems to be all the rage these days.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Alex says:

    Welcome to the blogging world! I’m a newbie myself into this personal finance thing and I’ve been reading tons and tons of blogs to learn more about it and I stumbled upon your blog in the process.

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